Hey folks,

Since November 1, 2012, I have been unusually focused on a project–writing, editing, releasing and marketing fiction. I started with a collection of mostly previously published works, Outward Bound: Science Fiction & Poetry and continued with All Is Silence, my debut novel. In addition, I’ve been blogging at www.desertedlands.com about the book, my writing and other related experiences. I am hoping to post personal updates here from time to time, but the other blog is my focus. So, if you’re interested, come on over and check it out, sign up for my newsletter, sample the books and order one if you’d like.



Drafts, draughts and drafts…

Hey folks,

As the weather changes to drafty windswept coolness, I finished my 5th major draft of the novel and indulged in a few draughts at Boundary Bay Brewery. My posts to this blog have been usurped by writing/editing time and posts on Deserted Lands.

My grand-daughter is growing like a weed, my kids are all actively in Washington State. Feeling very blessed.

I’m getting ready to do NANOWRIMO to write the sequel to ALL IS SILENCE, now available for Pre-Sale. The working title is STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. Come on over to Deserted Lands Novels to check up on the progress.

You can also follow me on @robertlslater at Twitter, Facebook, and +Google.

Thanks for your support and interest.


Debuts, Weddings and such…

A new grand-daughter, Ellie; another married adult child, Cail; and an eBook of short stories, Outward Bound, a serial story in the Bellingham Herald, Memories of Light; and a novel set to be out this winter, ALL IS SILENCE.

It’s been a busy summer. Also demolitioned a deck, put in another room worth of 3/4 inch oak flooring, and… I’m not sure what all else. Oh, marketing, platform development, short stories written…

If you found yourself here, please follow the links above and check out some of my recent projects.


Grey Wolf Creek Hike

Elena and I took Ian and Miranda on a ‘short’ hike into the Olympic Rain Forest. It was short in mileage, about 2.6 miles in, but the constant up and down and switching back and the first trip of the year syndrome, meant it was really, really tough. Lovely scenery, lots of berries, salmonberries and little wild strawberries and a few huckleberries. There will be thimbleberries and huckleberries and blueberries several weeks. Great moments.

Marketing Session Advice & Fallout

WARNING: I am triple posting this because I want to let people know, just in case anyone is actually biting their nails… ;-)

Well. Chuckanut Writers Conference was awesome. I learned an incredible amount about market and publishing. The biggest thing I learned… Wait for it…Is…how much I still need to learn before releasing my book. Alice Acheson, the Marketing expert I had the honor of assisting for the conference, left me with brain spinning. Trying to find the middle ground between what I want and what is the best for the book, my career, and my present and future readers. It’s a minefield!

Alice has advised me to slow down and plan the next year’s worth of book activities. After getting this advice I talked to a couple other people “in the know” and everyone agreed. So, with a bit of frustration, but an acceptance that I often jump into things without being fully prepared tells me this is the right thing to do.

So, if you are really, really excited about reading my book in mid-August there are two solutions. (If you don’t like these and want to Kobayashi on me, send an e-mail!)

  1. I will be releasing the first 3 chapters in early August.
  2. I will also be adding Beta readers who will get the full “FINAL” draft in late August.
  3. ???

I will also be releasing a book of science fiction stories and poetry that will include at least one Deserted Lands story and possible the story that started it all back in 1996! The collection will be titled: Outward Bound: Collected Speculative Fiction and Poetry of Robert L.Slater.

In November I will be writing the next story which includes many of the same characters and picks up a few weeks after All is Silence. Back to rewrites and research.

Great thoughts on the future of the written word…

I love this quote from Bettina Lanyi, aspiring novelist in Experts on Future of Reading and Writing as a former (and future) home brewer I think the analogy is sound.

“I picture novelists of the future as the literary equivalent of home brewers, coming up with small batches of craft brews geared toward a specific taste. The challenge for a novelist lies in connecting our work with those readers who have an appetite for it.”

I want to connect a reader with my book for several hours of travel in another universe, that returns them to this reality with some thoughts that stick with them.

ISBNs purchased!

Just published 10 ISBNs. That will be 2 for a short fiction collection only available electronically, three for “All is Silence” and three for the next Deserted Lands novel. So perhaps I’ll use the other two for a second short fiction collection next year. And then I’ll need three for the third Deserted Lands novel and three for the first Oppositions, fantasy novel and… and… and… This train is rolling…