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Alopecia Areata and other Heavy Metal band names…


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Several months ago at a gathering of the Whatcom Writers and Publishers I was gently approached by a woman with a question. She was producing a book about people with Alopecia. And the question she kindly asked was did I have Alopecia, hair loss caused by an auto-immune reaction. I’m pretty sure she knew the answer, but the way she approached, warm and kind, was quite wonderful. Her name is Deeann Callis Graham.

The book, Head-On, Stories of Alopecia, is a collection of 75 personal narratives. And it is finished. My story, Alopecia Areata and other Heavy Metal band names… was one of the last submitted. It is a lovely book, with touching stories about this puzzling auto-immune disease that comes in three flavors: areata, totalis and universalis. This condition can really send self-esteem for a loop. So, if you’re interested in the book, or the condition here is the website: HEAD ON.

There are also some wonderful photographs by my friend, Damian Vines.


Sad Days in Ferndale/Bellingham…


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Hey folks,

Sad days here in Bellingham/Ferndale. I lost two of my students and two others are in the hospital in critical condition–a senseless accident. Please, hug your kids, your friends, your parents. Tell them you love them.

I’m doing okay. Being able to share my grief with all my communities has helped and the outreach has been amazing. If you want to help out some people who need it, here are some links to ways to help.

If you’re local, feel free to come to the candlelight vigil on the Ferndale Riverwalk tonight at 9pm.

Vigil at Windward June 10th. AP Photo.

Vigil at Windward June 10th. AP Photo.


Windward High School will be open all next week for students to come hang out, play basketball/frisbee or even finish up coursework if they need to.



If you need something to trigger some catharsis, you might listen to our graduation song here. rehearsed in one day, Calling Our Children Home.