So, some day I would like to regularly blog here about my life outside writing, but at the moment, as one can see by the lack of activity here, that day is probably still a way off.

Some of the things I would like to blog about are:

  • Alopecia Areata – The condition that leaves me relatively bald.
  • “Car”ma Points – How I deal with road rage and get great parking spots.
  • Education
  • A society of fear
  • Aging: “Not to 50!” a humorous look back at my life as I approach middle age.

Until I get the second novel, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, finished… Until this school year is put to bed and I get my youngest son off to college… Until… Well, sign up for my newsletter, or just come on over to Deserted Lands¬†and read the blog and info there. Or check me out on Facebook if you want more personal info. Come to Wattpad to read ALL of ALL IS SILENCE for FREE and read the sample of TOILS AND SNARES. I’m also on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest [posts of cover art], or if you’re interested in ordering large quantities of books, come to Rocket Tears Press.

Thanks for the support I hope to see you in person or online soon.