So, a long time ago when my oldest daughter was born, I wrote a song. I hated the guitar chords and the vocal line I sang, but I loved the words. The title was “Daddy, Dance with Me.” Here are the lyrics:

Daddy, Dance with Me

We danced when you were little, a baby in my arms
On nights you could not sleep, I kept you from all harm
Go to sleep my baby, darling don’t you weep
I’d rock you and I’d sing to you ‘til you were fast asleep
When you were strong and walking, you’d come and grab my knee
Your little voice had learned to say: “Daddy, dance with me”

Chorus: Dance with me, please Daddy, to that song that makes you cry
You say it’s not the words but who the music feels inside
Dance when skies are shining, dance in black of night
Tell me that you love me and everything’s all right
Dance with me, please, Daddy, dance with me

The years went by so quickly, a beauty you became
You didn’t need my help now, you called me by my name
Some days I’d never see you, except a kiss goodnight
I tried to talk and reach to you: “Is everything alright?”
The day of your first formal you came to talk to me
“I think I need some help now, please Daddy, dance, with me”


This morning in the churchyard, you looked all tall and grown
I pray your life stays beautiful, may you never walk alone
Today you left our home here to start a brand new life
The man you love’s your husband and you became his wife
I cried when I beheld you, tears of pride fell free
And then you came to find me saying “Daddy, dance with me.”

Robert L. Slater – 22 January 1992

Copyright 1992. All Rights Reserved.

It took me to the songs teen-hood [14 years later], before I got it right. I was listening to a number of songs that suddenly connected the dots, three Bluesy tunes: Simply Red-If You Don’t Know Me By Now, Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight, and The Paperboys-Windshield Cracks. I realized despite it’s upbeat theme, that at it’s heart is a bluesy tune about love. Now I have to relearn it. I’m hoping my hands can handle the chords better now than they did when I first figured it out. Once I get it recorded I’ll get it uploaded, but for now, go have a listen to the songs above if you haven’t already.