409 Days Dry.

So I have successfully passed the first month dry with only a sip of beer to taste. Only one hard day in the bunch. As I reflect back, stopping drinking this time is more pre-emptive than last time. Though I probably had a drink most everyday over winter break, I did not drink to excess, but once. And considering the figurative kick in the gut the universe gave my family, that was not a surprise. But considering the sadness and darkness of my thoughts, I decided not drinking was a better way through. And I know, The only way out is through…

The other primary reason to firmly establish my own control over alcohol is perhaps unrelated. My writing, creativity and desire to be more productive. Since the previous long-dry stretch had culminated in a very productive writing period–80,000 words in 60 days–I wondered if not drinking had been a factor.

I’m already sleeping better. Two separate medical folks who saw me a month ago commented on how healthy I looked. I’m not feeling any more productive in terms of writing new words, but I am getting a lot of things done to sort of clear the deck. I’ve lost 3-5 pounds and feel like clothes are fitting me better.

Unfortunately, though I would like to get back into exercising, my bruised heel has been slowing me down. I’ve had a few good days of brisk walking, but the day after is painful. So, I am icing to see if I can get over this injury.

My house is cleaner than it’s been, I’ve been cooking from scratch more, and I have finished a few projects. More on these subjects in a later blogpost. Oh, and also some non-alcohol, non/low-caffeine drinks invented, named and/or reviewed.