[Thought I posted this two weeks ago. Not sure that my memorey is any worse, but it sure isn’t doing well. At least I know that the good old days weren’t always good, and certainly not even mostly good for many.]

Today was one of those days. A terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. You know, like Alexander’s. You’ve read the book. 

I got up, uncomfortable with pain in my shoulder and head. I sat down to write and didn’t get a whole lot of coherent words out. I did spend 60 minutes contemplating the novel and ‘writing’ more than 500 words of fictions, plotting, questions and goobledy-gook.

Made it to school on time. 100% on-time this year. All four days so far. Also 100% at exceeding 609 new words a day. Today’s were sketchy and a stretch. But I’ve got them in at 5:51. Now adding to the total with some non-fiction for the blog.

Today, I spilled coffee into my computer keyboard. Admittedly it already had sticky keys that had nothing to do with coffee, but still. It took me 12 minutes to figure out how to log in and turn on the on-screen keyboard. Other foibles filled the day including blue pen streaks under my nose. But in the end, as I told my Spanish class after dropping my water bottle (it didn’t break), despite all the hassles, I was still happy.

Like Alexander, who in the end realizes that he’s pretty darn lucky to have what he has, I am lucky. Some of my luck is from working hard. As I heard Kevin J. Anderson say, “The harder I work the luckier I get.” I have a great job with good benefits, a wonderful partner, family, and friends, reasonably decent health [except for steady headaches for the last couple weeks], hobbies I am passionate about, and time to enjoy all of them.

But some of the luck is being born a white, admittedly lower middle class, male, when there was a significant middle class in America. I am trying to understand in 2017. I am trying to learn about the issues folks without that bit of luck have to face. Then I hope to be able to take actions that ensure that I leave this planet better than I found it. 

“Not to 50” is  said ironically. I am happy to be turning 50 next month and feel like I’m finally coming into my own with abilities and knowledge, a voice to speak up as a patriot for true American values, that really should be human values, “That all [people] have inalienable rights…” We need “to go where no one has gone before” to seek out this new world.

Happy new year! May 2017 be better than we all expect it to be!