From past present 1983 Spider Robinson’s Melancholy Elephants. Brilliant mind. Spider predicted the dilemma we are facing today. Read this Atlantic article then read the FREE Creative Commons copy of Melancholy Elephants.We need genius thinking here. There are two opposing ideas: protecting creators of art and their creations during their lifetimes and allowing cultural studies both present and future. Quote from the article:

“Thanks to the DMCA, the future of our cultural history will be based on the work of people who ignored the law — the same people that many copyright holders would call “pirates.” How ironic that the pirates will be the ones that save the day when they’re supposed to be the bad guys. If librarians wanted to do the same thing, they’d be branded as criminals.” Benj Edwards

Let’s protect the art for the creators and the consumers (read: appreciators/readers/watchers) and the future culturalists, not the corporations. See my post on Random House below.